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MAP TO is another exciting initiative that we will be launching in the Summer of 2006. During the busier tourist months the MAP TO vehicle will be traveling to large festivals, street corners, special events (anywhere there is a large number of tourists) to provide brochures and other visitor information that is usually only available at tourist information centres in buildings or at Toronto hotels. We are hoping that this will encourage visitors to see what else there is to do while they are already making their way around town.

Australia’s third largest island is only two hours from Adelaide and accessible via Cape Jarvis on the ferry. Not surprisingly you will find plenty of kangaroos on the island, plus penguins, seals, koalas and many more. There are lighthouses dotting the island as well a numerous walking trails that will take you through the uninhabited Flinders Chase National Park. At Kelly Hill you can visit the underground cave systems, and Kingscote is where you can best see the cute penguins at play. Murray Lagoon is also worth visiting for its prolific birdlife. Visit for the day or stay at one of the many campgrounds.

The other thing that the bridge and jetty pylons show are massive growth of tube worms – a Marine worm because the water is nearly as salt as the sea (19ppm when seawater is around 24-26ppm). The salt is coming in below the barrages. There is a lot of talk about a temporary barrage just upstream from Goolwa so they can let the sea in to the lower lakes area which does not sound as bad as it did when the water was fresh. It is almost as saline as the sea now. Local businesses are slowly dying, tourist businesses are in trouble and most people can’t use their boats any more. Trailer boats can be used on the other side of the barrages where the estuary is tidal and the mouth is kept open by constant dredging.

In 1980 Kerrin McEvoy was born and the world was yet to see one of the greatest jockeys it would ever see in Cox Plate Field. It all started in Streaky Bay located in South Australia. His family was already famous for being connected to horse races so Kerrin just followed their steps to become a world-famous jockey but is city, Streaky Bay, is far away from Melbourne but that did not stop him from becoming great. His father was a jockey and so were his both two uncles.

They were the ones who trained him to become the great jockey he was in his time. His uncle raced for several years until his weight was too much to be in a race, the horse just could not take it. Of all the family, Kerrin was the most successful, even compared with the best ones. Holland also taught him how to become a jockey and he was successful as well. It was just in 1999 that he got his license and he moved in to the race as a freelancer.

Kalgoorlie is a fascinating city. In the 1890s it was the centre of one of the biggest gold rushes in Australian history. By 1903, it had a population of 30 000, serviced by 93 hotels, 8 breweries and 25 brothels.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular sites among travelers. The site stretches over 2,600 km and it boasts of having 900 islands. Those who love water sport can part take in snorkeling and diving. Tourist can enjoy coral beauty at the reef.

Wash down your meal with water, not alcohol if you don’t want it to be stored as fat in your body. It slows your metabolism. According to a British study, when alcohol was used with a high-fat and calorie diet, less fat was burned and more was stored.

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