Carpet Cleaning Technology Evolution: 10 Years of Change

Good Businesses Evolve

One cornerstone of a quality company is its ability to evolve. Good businesses evolve in many different ways. They evolve to fit what the marketplace is looking for so that they can better service customers. Good businesses evolve to use better and newer technologies because they offer a huge advantage. Sometimes they evolve to incorporate safer methods, more efficient methods and things that make their job a lot easier. This is very much true for the carpet cleaning industry which has gone through a technology evolution over the last 10 years.

Equipment Changes

Equipment changes have occurred over the last 10 years because technology has allowed for many different things to happen. Carpet cleaning rigs have become a lot more powerful, you can do more with them, they are easier to handle. They have more technology within them and they are not just analog humps of plastic and metal but they have been engineered to work a lot better and more efficiently than the ones in the past.

Changes In Chemicals

Over the last 10 years there’s been more concerns over the chemicals that are being used in the carpet cleaning industry. The chemicals that were used in the past were linked to allergies, diseases and other problems. With this knowledge many responsible companies in the industry have moved towards more safer chemicals and some have even gone green with chemicals that do not harm humans or animals in anyway. This might be one of the best advances that we have seen over the last 10 years because it makes the industry a lot safer for all who are involved in it including customers and the workers who perform carpet cleaning duties.

Changes In Cleaning System

Carpet cleaning systems have gone through a technological change over the last 10 years. Carpet cleaning systems have become a lot smaller. They have become a lot smaller so that they can be more nimble and easy to move around a customer’s home. Better motors and electrical systems make this possible. There’s also been a change where in the past most carpet cleaning systems were steam base but now they’re more dry systems being used.

steam cleaning technology

Evolution Is Inevitable

It is quite obvious that evolution and technological changes are inevitable. Within the carpet cleaning industry there has been an evolution over the last 10 years of how companies do business. Many of these changes have to deal with the type of chemicals that are used with more companies going green, More companies using safer chemicals because there has been reports about how dangerous chemicals can be to children, pets and even adults so many in this industry have changed towards safer chemicals to keep their customers safe. When it comes to equipment, equipment has changed as well. The equipment has changed to handle both steam and dry delivery cleaning systems and towards more powerful and efficient smaller systems that are easy to maneuver within the home.