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The other problem is that even those that are the real deal, sometimes the information is just too much to take in and you begin to suffer from information overload and just get completely lost. Most ebooks just don’t quite give you clear enough step by step instructions on exactly how to do it.

How can we, even in the driest city in the driest continent in the world, still rely on water whenever we need it? Reservoirs! Yes, we have a system. (Thanks to the Romans, again.) What would happen if we only waited until it rained? Well, here in Adelaide at least, we would probably die of thirst. But instead, we have an excellent system in developed countries that collects rain and stores it in reservoirs.

Like nearly all fish, fighting fish will eat another fish if the fish is small enough to fit in its mouth. Generally a fighting fish can be kept with fish as small as neon tetras without trouble. However, the occasional fighting fish may learn to catch neons. I would suggest that in a confined space fighting fish should be by themselve. I know of at least two cases of a fighting fish which has been put in a bag with neons and has learned to eat them. Having learned, the fish is likely to continue to eat neons in an aquarium. Fish have quite good memories.

I told you guys it was a lock that that Keith Kizer and the Silver State boxing board would select its top rated referee, Kenny Bayless, and that’s what has just been made official.

Malaysia could be the next Singapore with it becoming more of a business hub. And with more business comes the demand for housing. Getting in ahead of this (or in its early stages) gives the maximum potential for growth. Many going to Malaysia to work for a short time will be looking to rent property, which means the buy to let opportunities are good, while the numbers looking to buy are likely to grow.

If you’re with the kids, head for the Beachouse (often capitalised as BeacHouse). This amusement arcade was built to replace the Magic Mountain, which was demolished in 2004. Among the attractions are three waterslides, dodgem cars, the five-storey high Play Castle, a generous array of arcade games from all over the world, and a historic carousel built in the late 19th Century in Britain. You can also enjoy mini golf, bumper boats, and a miniature train.

During the holiday I spent a few days at Goolwa relaxing, reading, sleeping and catching up with people over a few drinks. For those who don’t live in South Australia it is a busy holiday and boating town at the mouth of the dying River Murray and the anger of the local people is huge. There are humorous signs up like “Land For Sale” signs on exposed river bed and in the centre of Goolwa a very large sign on the riverbed reads “Rudd the Dud equals Mud”. For non- Australians, Prime Minister Rudd came to power at least in part on “vote for me for wall to wall Labour so the States and Feds can cooperate on issues like the Murray.” The State of Victoria has different ideas unfortunately.

As I looked through Adelaide’s biggest paper the other day I saw a classified advert offering 37%25 on any amount between , 000 and million. It had an 1800 phone number to call to leave your details for more information.

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