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Although Lisa Blue’s designs are on view on her website, they are not as yet readily available in the United States. I found only two shops that carry them, Wet N Wild in Phoenix, Arizona ( 808-674-9283), and Wet N Wild in Kapolei, Hawaii (623-201-2000). Perhaps after her showing in Miami, they will be easier to find.

However, I struggled along and learned everything that I could and I ventured my way into site flipping. Site flipping isn’t something I actually thought I’d be able to do but when I started learning I found it quite easy. I still didn’t have that ellusive instruction manual that I was after though but I was determined to make this work.

Walk through the big banana and discover the area’s rich history in the production of bananas, and be rewarded at the other end with a delicious banana smoothie or sundae!

Tommy Horton: Alice and Tom’s son, returned from Korea an amnesiac and fell in love with his sister. Regained memory and reunited, briefly, with his wife Kitty, and got to know his daughter Sandy.

How can we, even in the driest city in the driest continent in the world, still rely on water whenever we need it? Reservoirs! Yes, we have a system. (Thanks to the Romans, again.) What would happen if we only waited until it rained? Well, here in Adelaide at least, we would probably die of thirst. But instead, we have an excellent system in developed countries that collects rain and stores it in reservoirs.

Her models were striking in Italian fabrics featuring Botticelli’s Venus and other famous artworks, and beautiful in a completely different way in Aboriginal print bikinis, one- and two-pieces, and cutout suits. These carried out the natural feeling with wavy designs in blue, green and mauve, and abstract prints in beach and forest colors. They too were derived from paintings, those of Rosie Miller, from the Mirning whale tribe of South Australia.

I am sure we all agree that water is an useful and essential commodity in our lives. We turn on the tap – and take a shower. We turn on the tap – and fill the urn. We wash and clean with it. We cannot live without it. It is essential to our survival. Very few of us have any problems with the usage and value of water. We do not run around the shower saying, “Oh! I don’t deserve water”. So why should money be any different? It is an important and essential commodity in our lives; we use it as an exchange system to ensure that our needs are met and we can lead happy and enriched lives. We cannot live without it. It is essential to our survival.

The program is very new and has been in place officially since June of this year. Please tell us about your experience so far and the feedback that you have received from international travelers.

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